ECPAD Collection

Historical footage from ECPAD, the French Defense Audiovisual Agency, available on INA MEDIAPRO

The Etablissement de Communication et de Production Audiovisuelle de la Défense (ECPAD, the French Defense Audiovisual Agency) is the French Ministry of the armed forces’ department that oversees audiovisual coverage. Its military reporters participate in every theater of operations, in France and around the world. Tasked with recording major Ministry events, the ECPAD plays a pivotal role into the cultural and remembrance policy, via its exceptional archives that encompass 13 million photographs and over 36,000 films. These archives are preserved and publicized through the sale of still images and movies, film and documentary productions, exhibitions, and books.
Last but not least, the ECPAD also provides training in audiovisual techniques.

From 1917

more than 100 footage

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