The Black Panthers Party

In October 1966, Bobby Seale and Huey Newton founded the Black Panthers Party, an Afro-American revolutionary movement,  in California. In 1968, they held a demonstration to call for the freeing of Huey Newton, the founder of the party.

Selection of clips

  • The march of fear

  • Programme title: Cinq colonnes à la une
  • Collection: RTF / ORTF
  • First broadcast date: friday 01/07/1966
  • Black Panthers

  • Programme title: Non diffusé
  • Collection: RTF / ORTF
  • First broadcast date: wednesday 01/05/1968
  • Lionel Richie "Encore"

  • Programme title: Tout le monde en parle
  • Collection: Thierry Ardisson
  • First broadcast date: saturday 18/01/2003
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