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A worldwide reference, TF1 Actualités brings together all their TV news editions (1pm and 8pm) broadcast every day on TF1 between 30th July 1982 and 31st December 2022. They include international news, politics, the economy, legal scandals, culture, sports, etc... and bring a precious perspective to current affairs with emblematic presenters like Marie-Laure Augry and Yves Mourousi, Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor and finally Claire Chazal as well as set interviews and special reports by international correspondents.

The news in perspective

TF1 Actualités is also special news reports produced by TF1’s editorial office broadcast between 1982 and 2022 such as news shows, special editions, political debates. “Sept sur Sept”, presented by Anne Sinclair, “Le Club de l’Enjeu”, “Grands Reportages”, “Les mercredis de l’Info”, and also the presidential and legislative election campaigns.

Sports shows

TF1 Actualités also includes other of the channel’s most famous sports programmes like “TéléFoot” and “Auto Moto” (1982 – 1989).

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