Interscoop Collection

Documentary films by top reporters with a completely different take on world news.

The Interscoop press agency was founded in 1982 by Frédéric Laffont and Christophe de Ponfilly.

Documentary film-makers and renowned reporters, the two men have travelled all over the planet to track down key players in a rapidly changing world.

Over the last thirty years, the agency has produced more than a hundred documentaries, providing unique insights by always focusing on the people behind the news story. Interscoop's uniquely talented film-makershave captured a series of awards, including two Albert Londres Prizes.

From revealing portraits of countries and regions of the world (Afghanistan, featuring a celebrated meeting with General Massoud; the United States; Latin America; the Middle East) to the secrets of the kitchens of the great Parisian and Chinese restaurants, and compelling footage of the actions of NGOs in crisis-torn countries. These films that throw new light on world history are now available on Ina MEDIAPRO.

1982 - 2010


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