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The Institut Audiovisuel de Monaco is partnering up with the Institut National de l’Audiovisuel (INA) with a view to expanding access to its audiovisual archive and marketing the “Monaco Info” collection via the INA MEDIAPRO platform. Nearly 18 450 subjects broadcast on the “Monaco Info” channel between 1995 and 2003 are now available on INA's content and service platform for media and communication professionals,, which is available in France and internationally.

Founded in 1997, the Institut Audiovisuel de Monaco identifies, collects, safeguards, preserves and promotes all sounds and images, still or animated, professional or amateur, relating directly or indirectly to Monaco. The Institut Audiovisuel de Monaco has been responsible for safeguarding, documenting and sharing footage from “Monaco Info” since its inception.

 The audiovisual collection provided here, with around 40,000 digitised and indexed subjects, demonstrates the wealth of activity in Monaco: political events, dynastic festivals, daily and social life, urban transformations, cultural and sporting events, etc. This collection, which also includes thematic magazines and special programmes, now has 1995 to 2003 open to professionals, further subjects will regularly be added to this in coming years.

Monaco Info

Upon its launch in November 1995, the “Monaco Info” channel, which was initially called “Monaco à la une”, established itself as a worthy successor to the Principality's longstanding channel, Télé Monte-Carlo, and ensured the daily production of a television news programme. Since 2012, “Monaco Info” has also posted its news broadcasts on the “Monaco Channel” site.

18 450 subjects

from 1995 to 2003

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