The Golden Rabbit Collection

Journey to the North Pole

The images of this collection were filmed in Greenland between 2012 and 2013 whilst the documentary “Inuit Lands: The Melting Point” by Patrick Morell was being made.

Made up of rushes, this fund completes other INA collections on the subject of Arctic lands with films like Jean Malaurie’s for example. The renowned ethnologist is questioned at length during 16 interviews.

These very technical images, all shot in HD, exalt the incredible light of these unique landscapes and the people who inhabit them. They force us to ask ourselves questions about the changes occurring in this land and their environmental and social consequences.

The Polar Star Bay, the glacier of Jakobshawn, Paul-Emile Victor’s shack, fishermen hunting among icebergs in the Disko Bay are just some of the amazing sights available in this journey to Arctic lands.

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