Hosiho Collection

A growing fresh collection of aerial videos and photos of the World seen from the sky available, especially French cities on lockdown on INA MEDIAPRO

HOsiHO is a growing fresh collection of +20,000 highly-curated aerial videos and photos of the World seen from the sky!  

The agency, created in 2014, represents a group of more than 200 professional aerial filmmakers based around the world. 

Footage and stills cover the most remarkable cities and locations worldwide, and are mainly shot with drones or from helicopters, always legally, and with creativity ! 

These images are for instance perfect to illustrate subjects like the ones we can find in our trailers about the frailty of our planet, empty cities during lockdown, or the places one should visit before dying.

90% of the collection is shot in 4K ultra-high definition and is subject to special care when it comes to selection. 

Every single shot is hand-picked and reviewed by a curator for technical quality and creative relevance. This is a guarantee of flawless quality. 

Specialities : Drone and Aerial footage, Timelapse, Hyperlapse : Landmarks, Architecture, Cities, Landscapes, Monuments, Wildlife, Outdoors Activities, Agriculture

more than 34000

footage of French lockdown cities

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