Mémoire de l'Europe Collection

Unravelling memories for a changing Europe

Mémoire de l’Europe” (“Memory of Europe”) is a documentary series of ten 52-minute episodes, directed by Christian Paureilhe. Using interviews and archive footage, it provides multi-facetted insights into the seminal events of 20th century European history, while deciphering the key underlying issues.

Commune Image Media and Ina give you access to a range of historic archive footage. Fifty interviews with eminent European personalities, providing authentic testimony about the 20th century. The personalities selected talk about the most significant event in the 20th century in their field, or the most important moment in their career. These men and women are eye-witnesses, key players and thinkers committed to a common concern: the future of Europe.

In-depth treatment of a variety of themes: Politics and defense, Sport, Transport, Medicine and health, Religions.

Five other major topics are each covered by five eminent Europeans, who focus on Economics, Ecology, Feminism, and major developments in Society, and consider the influence of the Media on our vision of the world. Simone Weil talks movingly about the death of her sister. René Lacoste shows us his first wooden tennis racquet, and then the steel racquet he created.





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