Planète d’Images Collection

The Spirit Masters : the origins of Buddhist wisdom

The XXIst century Himalayas

These high quality dailies offer an exceptional and contemporary glance at the “roof of the world”, a region where modernity meets tradition. Encounter the Dalai Lama, share the daily lives of Buddhist Monks, discover the mythic Kathmandu, and travel among the world’s highest sceneries.

In addition, the Planètes d’Images collection also has in store three breathtaking documentaries about the men and women living in these spaces where spirituality is embedded in everyday life : The Spirit Masters (first release), The Wise Man at the End of the Earth, and France Tibet: a Matter of Dignity.

The Maramures

This time, the Planète d’Images collection explores one the most authentic parts of Romania. In this Northwestern region called the Maramures, wood is omnipresent in the architecture and life follows a rural pace marked by the seasons. This exceptional footage immerses us into the daily routines of the villagers, craftsmen and peasants.






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